Supporting the growth of an

independent and viable

civil society, which works for democratic and inclusive governance, citizenship, and the sustainable well-being of the population.

Customized technical support, capacity building, networking, grants…
Thank you for your excellent work on behalf of professional, influential and committed civil society organizations.

Soafara Rabarisoa

Fanainga needs to give more support to CSOs working with young people and women in Madagascar. These CSOs are not yet sufficiently structured, and they need to be supported if we are to have CSOs capable of fulfilling their civic responsibilities.

Ludo Andria

It’s through projects like FANAINGA that real development will reach Malagasy households.
Thank you Fanainga

Roberrl Rakotoarisoa

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Recognizing the position that the civil society occupied in the Malagasy landscape, the European Union launched the DINIKA program in 2013 …

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