One of FANAINGA’s ambitions is to enable CSOs to bring about sustainable social change, especially among the most vulnerable groups of the Malagasy population, in collaboration with other CSOs and by empowering state actors and other stakeholders. In this respect, capacity-building for CSOs is at the heart of its action, in a process of improving the skills of individual members and strengthening institutions.

CSOs that can benefit from capacity building engage or intend to engage in a development process. Additionally:

  • These CSOs are motivated and willing to undergo an in-depth capacity-building process, with the support of FANAINGA.
  • CSOs that have submitted an initiative to FANAINGA for funding, and whose application has been approved or postponed, can also access capacity building.

A team of trainers covers a wide range of topics, from associative governance to activity monitoring. Modules are developed and updated in line with the strengthening needs identified by CSOs. They take account of the differences between the CSOs, in terms of member capacity, scope of action, etc. 

As part of Fanainga’s personalized support of CSOs, each training course is followed by a post-training follow-up and implementation in the field. This is done to ensure that what is learned is effective.

Finally, CSOs can request training on more technical and specialized topics: road maintenance techniques, advocacy techniques, principles of public finance, etc. Fanainga will then call on external service providers to provide this training.


  • Practice of individualized capacity-building assessment and analysis. Making the CSO responsible for their own self-assessment in terms of integrity, influence, effectiveness and adaptability, and thus able to prioritize the capacities to be strengthened;
  • Organization of regional training workshops on various aspects of the CSO’s life and environment. Enabling them to gain a better strategic grasp of the system in which they operate, as well as the methods and techniques enabling them to act in a relevant and effective manner with all the players involved:
      • CSOs and social change
      • Vision for change
      • Strategic planning
      • Context analysis
      • Advocacy techniques
      • Leadership
      • Change-oriented approach
      • Results-based management
      • And more…
  • Practice of the reinvestment plan on training acquired by the CSOs and post-training follow-up
Approche individuelle
FANAINGA renforce l’OSC selon ses spécificités et ses besoins propres, sur la base d’un plan de renforcement de capacités établit de commun accord
Approche integrée
Le renforcement de capacités entre dans la logique d'accompagnement, en synergie avec les autres volets de la stratégie de Fanainga : la mise en réseau, le partage d'expériences, le financement
Formation à la demande
Pour les OSC qui ont besoin de formations spécifiques et propres à leur domaine d'activité
FANAINGA se rapproche autant que possible du lieu où se trouve l’OSC pour faciliter l’accessibilité de celle-ci aux actions de renforcement de capacités fournies.
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