In January 2017, the 4 donors expressed their willingness to continue contributing to the development of the Madagasy civil society, through the multi-donor fund.

Multi-donor protocol

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The steering committee

Fanainga is characterized by the equal participation of donor and civil society representatives in its main governing body: the steering committee (COPIL).

The COPIL is made up of the following 8 members:

  • 1 representative per donor: European Union, German Cooperation, Monaco Government and French Embassy
  • 4 representatives of the civil society, elected by their peers.

This body is responsible for advising, guiding and validating the various strategies adopted by Fanainga+ to ensure it achieves its objectives. It defines the broad lines of its action, as well as its strategic priorities.

Representatives of the civil society


Dorien Pascal DAHIZAFY

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Gabriel TIARO




Désirée Stellah RAZANAMAHEFA